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Arachnotron is a third person action shooter where the player can traverse every surface of the environment to their advantage. As a mechanical spider-tank hellbent on revenge, use the different weapons at your disposal to take down the criminal organization S.W.A.R.M.

Arachnotron is a student project, created by Wrong Warp Games (a group of seniors in the Game Development Program at Champlain College). As of the current moment, we have no intention of charging money for this game, wanting to release it as a portfolio piece, and for others to enjoy for free! 



Team Members:
Nicholas Robbins - Lead Programmer
Cory Smith - Weapons / Systems Programmer
Christopher Brennan - AI Programmer

Evan Janssen - Lead Designer
Conor Tully - Level Designer / QA Lead
Billy Beanland - Level Designer
Jae Ettinger - Sound Designer

Sean Napolitano - Lead Artist
Joshua Walker - VFX Artist
Michael Andrews - Environment Artist
Maria Crawford - 2D / UI Artist
Nicholas Oprisu - Producer
Matthew Migneault- Producer

Spencer Hobbs - Video Editor
Lenny Gingello - QA Manager
Cody Douglass - QA Manager

Special thanks to our production teacher
Dan Buckstein. Without his guidance and
passion for the project, none of this would
have been possible.


Arachnotron 306 MB


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Saw this at PAX East, psyched to try it out